How can you get involved?

Friday 23 January 2015, 8:49am

 Get Racing and own your own share in a racehorse to experience the exhilaration of owning a winner. has the widest online selection of Australia’s leading Syndicators and their current stock available. Our website can you put you in touch directly with the experts.

 We have formed an easy step by step guide to help you towards owing a share in a racehorse.

How to get started:

 1.            Share Value

You need to decide whether you want to take up a small share or a large share. You can take a share of as little as 5%. Holding 5% entitles you to have your name in the racebook and allocated owner’s tickets when you horse is racing.

It’s important to know that the size of the share also dictates the monthly or regular costs to maintain the horse, for example a 5% share would require you to pay 5% of all costs.

2.            Purchase Share Price

Next step is to set a budget on how much you would like to spend on your shares. Keep in mind shares in better bred horses will often cost more per share.

3.            Location

The syndicator will normally have one or more preferred trainers. Or, you can choose a horse trainer that is based locally in your area, or you may have a favourite thoroughbred racehorse trainer that is based elsewhere.

You need to consider how often you would like to visit your horse and how far you would be willing to travel to see your horse race.  Horses move easily between metropolitan and provincial/country tracks and horse transport is readily available, but it is important to think what would be suitable for you.

Another factor to consider when deciding upon the location of training for your racehorse is the state based bonus schemes. Racing has never been more lucrative with incentive schemes distributing more than $46 million Australia-wide in bonuses to owners, trainers and breeders. Each scheme is listed below:


•             New South Wales - BOBS distributes $10 million annually

•             Victoria - Super VOBIS distributes $18 million annually

•             South Australia - SABOIS distributes $1.5 million annually

•             Queensland – QTIS distributes $12 million annually

•             Western Australia - Westspeed distributes $4.8 million annually


With, you can conduct a search by trainer or location to view all horse shares available in your area of interest.


4.            Training & Ongoing Costs

When you view a listing within, you will be able to see the monthly ongoing fees for each racehorse.

Based on 100% ownership below are averages of what it would cost per day depending on location. These amounts exclude major race nominations and any surgery.

Training fees vary depending on the trainer and the trainer’s location. Metropolitan based trainers would charge a higher fee than trainers located in provincial and country areas.

•             Country trainers – $30 - $50

•             Provincial trainer – $65 - $85

•             Metropolitan trainer –$95 - $150

In addition to a trainers agreed daily training rate, you will be responsible for associated fees, which can include but are not limited to:

Trainer other - equipment, race track fees (E.g. track gallops, walking machines, pool), farrier, dentist, chiropractor/physiotherapist, staff attendance (jump outs/barrier trials/race days).

Vet - vet attendance, worming, wound treatment, blood tests, medications

Transport - to and from spelling farms and race tracks

Agistment - costs for paddocks, boxes, pre-training, breaking-in, farrier, dentist, vet

Race club - barrier trials, race nominations, scratchings, race acceptances

Incentive Schemes - scheme nomination fee, horse registration fee, syndicate name registration fee, jockey colours registration fee.

5.            Find your Racehorse

Now that you have considered all the associated costs with owning a racehorse you are ready to become an owner!  

The listings on will provide you with as much information as possible and provide you with a trusted platform of all racehorse shares for sale by syndicators in Australia.  Other questions that are relevant to ask a syndicator are:

·         When are the monthly ongoing costs due?

·         Who did you buy the horse from?

·         What is the breakup of the costs included in the share price?

·         What are management and ongoing fees for the syndicate manager?

·         What bonus and race series is the horse eligible for?

·         Can you please send me a product disclosure statement?

·         How often do you contact the shareholders? has the widest online selection of Australia’s leading Syndicators and their current stock available. Our website can put you directly in touch with the experts. 

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