Frequently Asked Questions
How do I place an Everyday Auction listing?
You will need a account in order to place a listing. To place a listing, login to your account and click on "Add Bloodstock Listing". If you don't have an account, simply create an account here.
I have a classified listing on the site, can I make it an auction?
Yes you can! Just log into your account, Edit the listing you would like to become an auction and click on the "Everyday Auction" box.
What happens if my listing doesn't sell?
If your listing doesn't sell, it will remain on the site as a classified listing. This is a good opportunity to review the price and details of your horse in response to the activity of the auction. You will need to log into your account and change the status of your horse from Passed in to Active.
Can I tell who has bid on my horse?
No, however you will know the details of the winning bidder and how many bids were on the horse.
I have received an email saying that my auction listing has sold, when will I receive the proceeds of the sale?
When the sale ends, the buyer transfers the money via Equine SafePay to a custodian. The money sits with the custodian until the buyer receives the horse all the necessary IDs and documents. The buyer than must confirm the transaction is complete and releases the funds to the vendor.
What should I set the Bidding increments as?
This depends on the price of the horse. E.g. if you think the horse will sell for $10000, it is best to have the bid increments at $500. However you can change the bid increments of the auctions depending on the current bid price of the horse.
How long should I set the duration of my auction?
Our service is fully flexible, and it is completely up to the vendor and their selling needs. If you need to sell urgently then it can be as short as 1 day, or if you have time and want to attract a strong level of interest than it can run over several weeks. As a good guide consistently attracts over 2,000 users every day. We recommend 3-5 days as an ideal time frame to ensure that your listing attracts a strong build-up of bidders, while short enough to avoid early bidders losing interest.
What happens with the ID and Transfer Documents?
All necessary documents must be sent to the buyer before any funds can be released.
Can I put a reserve on a horse?
Yes, however once you place a reserve, you will not be able to change it. Also if you wish to place a reserve than a 5% commission will be charged on the sale price, if the horse is sold via Everyday Auction.
Can I withdraw a lot?
Yes, provided you have not yet received any bids on the lot. To withdraw a lot, you will need to contact a member of the team on 1300 711 683.
What is the commission structure? will be taking 5% commission on any sale over $5,000 and 5% on any sale under $5,000 with a reserve.